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Kanye West Is The Latest Artist Accused Of Faking It On Stage

But if his guilt or because of his sound, his attempt to serenade SNL The public has come out as weak at best, fueling rumors that he requires some help in heading the department. To be fair, West greatest strengths lie in the production and Rapping. Love Lockdown And The Album From Which It Hails 808s And Heartbreak is West first foray into singing. Kanye West himself added to the register of Music most infamous being mishaps Saturday when he failed to nail his performance of Love Lockdown a Saturday Night Live.
17.12.08 10:17

What If The Gossip Girl Cast Sent Christmas Cards

So that our favorite television show is taking a break until the first week of January, and with the way the last episode ended, we re jonesing to find out what happens over the holidays.
17.12.08 10:16

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Episode 12 Review

If this sounds confusing. This story is told in somewhat Pulp-esque Juggle chronological order in which the beginning is the end, and then jumps around showing scenes of past, present and future. The Sarah Connor Chronicle comes with another episode of imagination this week, as the show continues to rise. Is somewhat, but within minutes you get an outlet for what youre looking and its potential relevance. Alpine Fieldsis the name of a place important for the future of war, where the machines will wage a biological war on humanity. The precondition for this Derek and Jesse, because thats where you meet and are also infected with the virus free machines.
17.12.08 10:16

Growing Pitt Jolie Clan Leads Baby Boom Of 08

The couple said that the hope to expand their brood now six children and counting. LikeDemi Moore raise the glass ceiling for actresses gain of $ 20 million Paycheck, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hit a new record payday selling their babies photos. As is their custom, Jolie and Pitt exchanged media access for a donation to charity. No one can stop them!. Last summer, People magazine and the British tabloid Hello! paid $ 14 million in a joint agreement to publish the first shots of Jolie-Pitt clan with Knox and Vivienne twins, born in July.
17.12.08 10:16

Update Michael Jackson

Not only the man feels the need to go out in public looking like a damn fool, he must have needed money because thanks to our fellow Irish Weezy, we I learned that The White Lady has decided to sell all auction off a whole mess of memorabilia, including, yes children, the doors of his beloved once and time decaying Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, CA. Michael Jackson poor.
17.12.08 10:16

Jennifer Aniston Voted The Sexiest Star Of 2008 By Entertainmentwise Readers

Entertainmentwise readers have called their Jennifer Aniston sexiest star of 2008. Jen was followed by super-mom Angelina Jolie second, and comeback queen Britney Spear came in at number three.. We asked you to help us fill the last best and worst list of 2008, and when it came to hot under the collar of this year, the actress has friends your vote.
17.12.08 10:16

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